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    Default Mini ident!! URGENT

    Cool looking demon prince. Who does this mini and where?

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    I'd like to say forgeworld......its not a demon prince, it looks like a raptor champion or a lord with a jump pack. If it aint made by GW then whoever sculpted it is sailing close to the winds of a lawsuit.....

    Could be an old, oop forgeworld model or its a knockoff.

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    i'd say it's a dodgy thing. not necessarily the seller but a rip off mini

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    Yarp. Definitely not official GW/FW, but dripping with intellectual property.

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    I gotta agree, it's not GW or FW from what i can tell. Looks like those lovely kockoff artists have been at work. The jump pack looks nothign like what I have seen from GW/FW and the heads don't look right either.

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    Especially for £30!
    And that right arm, the bare one...looks off...grotesquely off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onis Lair View Post
    Looks like those lovely kockoff artists have been at work.
    lol freudian?

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    arm does look off, sculptor was pro trying to show the diff between armour and having none. badly! My friend is a khorne nut and pointed it out.

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    I would say it's a knockoff. Nice in its own way but not official and so not endorsed by GW. I suppose it's possible that it's only one of a few that someone made for their friends, but more likely someone trying to make money using GW IP. I wonder how far they got before GW jumped on their backs?
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    I love the title of this thread.

    Mini Ident! STAT!

    I've got a mini emergency here!

    It could be a great reality show for us mini types!

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