Kelian Durak and other miniatures, say what you do not like :)
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Thread: Kelian Durak and other miniatures, say what you do not like :)

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    Default Kelian Durak and other miniatures, say what you do not like :)

    Hey guys,

    thought I would post some of my minis here, as I'd like to get some feedback on them. I recently took new pictures of some of my old miniatures, so the pictures faithfully represent the true colours. I'd love to hear some suggestions on areas of possible improvement. I want to know what the greatest problems with these minis are. Is it poor color choice? Lack of interesting elements like OSL or freehands? Dull metallics? Rough blending? If you could post a single thing that you find lacking in each particular mini, it would be awesome

    The entries I would like feedback on are these. Feel free to comment on any of my stuff of course. But these are the minis where I think I have done a good job.

    My latest mini, Kelian Durak

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    Really lovely work and I'm in no place to offer critique on your paintwork and basing it's excellent, I do have one observation tho, the barbarian looks more like he is hanging out on a mild summer if I were to just look at his skin it seems very happy and comfortable. I would imagine that running around in a loincloth on a winter snow covered day would cause his skin to be pailer with lots of red flushed spots. Hopefully this makes sense, more about selling the whole scene and the time and place kinda deal. Your work is beautiful great style.

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    There is nothing I don't like about that. The base is amazing.

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    Top stuff! I love TMM for Rackham! I have this mini to paint also.. but everyone paints him so much better that I'm scared to try

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    yeah nice to see top tmm on rackham stuff, totally dig this mini!

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    very nice work

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    I really like the texture on the cloak.

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    Yep, that's a gooder!

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