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    Default Hasslefree Zombie Hunter Kev'

    One of my entries for the WAMP 'Wamped!' contest:

    Voting link here.

    Thanks for lookin!

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    Me likey very much. The base (which I've seen) is amazing. Really love the whole look.

    How'd you make that Monster can?

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    Very cool guy! I love the Hasslefree minis and you did a great job on this one. Some dirt and stains on the clothes would have been great, but thats just my 2 cents.
    The base looks great as well. Love it!

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    You managed to get some real expression in the face which is great... the base is spot on and overall it has a nice gritty feel to it. It's brilliant.

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    Thanks all!
    Oh, just a note, the script on his right sleeve is actually the Korean for 'hasslefree', if you're wondering!
    @Supervike - Cheers! The monster can, I just made a sausage of magic sculpt (well, 2 or 3 before I got it about the right size!) and just chopped it to length. the convex look to the base is just NMM paint effect.

    @Crackpot - I'm inclined to agree with you, would tie him into the scene better I reckon. I fully intended to at least dusty-up his boots but my mind wondered and... er, what was I saying?

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    Wow, that looks fantastic. The head especially looks real.
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    not bad work little un!

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    Pretty impressive all the way around, but the face really makes this one stand out.

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    Top to bottom awesome. I love it!

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    Thanks again all!

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    Dunno how I missed this one mate!

    Looking tasty as always, though id nit-pick at his pistol and suggest inverting or shifting the NMM on adjacent sides. His head really is sweet, the eyes especially, but the iris' (lovely as they are) do make his eyes look a bit too effeminate or cutesy imo. heheh

    Really superb work overall, and good luck in the comp!
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