End of Days - Orki's Kingdom Death entry.
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Thread: End of Days - Orki's Kingdom Death entry.

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    Default End of Days - Orki's Kingdom Death entry.

    Hi guys,

    I painted this up for the Kingdom Death competition on the Wamp forum, where I just about pipped it into first place. Phew!

    Theeeen, I also recently had the honour of it being voted Silver in the Best Base catagory at the yearly Wamp Awards, sandwiched quite happily between Picster an Jah in a grotesque, moody pile of ape/orki/ape xeno lurve... :P
    For a relative noob like myself this was a massive honour to have even been nominated among the incredible shortlist, and I am truly humbled by the results. Totally chuffed too of course!

    Realising that I don't remember posting it up here in the forums, I thought it about time I did really! So for those that missed it, here it is.

    As always, please do comment/crit away peeps.

    Thanks guys, and hope you like.


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    i'm sure you have posted it here before. but tis a lovely piece!

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    Yo Freak! Yeah, it wen't up in my gallery at the time of the comp, but not up on the forums afaik. I ran a search to be sure and that came up blank too. Cheers mate.

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    I'm a big fan of this one for sure. Excellent piece.

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