Sigmar Priest - BOS lugdunum, lion 2011
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Thread: Sigmar Priest - BOS lugdunum, lion 2011

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    Default Sigmar Priest - BOS lugdunum, lion 2011

    Hi all i show you my last work,
    this is for me a very incredible project i do with the Historical World Master Mariano Numitone.
    he sculpt this, and i paint. the scale is 54mm.
    i have no word to thanks this incredible sculptor for come in to fantasy world and give me the opportunity to paint this "masterpiece green".

    with this piece we win the Best of Show in lugdunum expo, in lion 2011.

    ave to all of you!
    hope you like

    heres some more big pictures of the paint and sculpt:

    the green:

    cmon link:


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    Amazing work! Not only a fantastic job on the sculpting but the painting is just as good. Love the freehand on the shield.

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    wowzers. very nice and atmospheric. good to see the green too

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    Great reds! That's an epic looking Priest.

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    Fantastic work. Bravo!


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