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Thread: Angmans White Scars

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    Default Angmans White Scars

    Ok guys, I've been talking about this for a while & now I'm almost in a position to start it.

    The idea to do this came from the pre-heresy White Scar I'm doing for the group project.

    Anyway I loved the imagery, & have decided to do a contemporary army. I intend to take my time on this army & make sure every marine is individual with at least some level of conversion work going on on each marine & his bike if he has one. Below are some of the images that I've used for inspiration.

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    Looking at these it's clear that they are quite feral, wearing furs, having teeth as trophies as well as horses tails/skulls. As well as having lots of hair, or bald, or top knots, as well as braids & moustaches. The Space Wolf parts obviously lend themselves nicely to the White scars, though I don't intend these guys to be as heavily 'feral' as the wolves, so I intend to interspace the Wolves parts with regular marines. I also want to include plenty of free hand, you can see the kind of thing im looking to do, as well as my ideas for colours below

    Name:  whitescarsconcept.jpg
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    I'm planning to have the brotherhood on every marine, and varying the squad markings to echo what the BA's do with theirs.

    I also want the P. Weapons to be scimitars & lances for some of the bike mounted guys. I've been looking for a good source of these, and I like the weapons on the newest howling banshees.

    I have other ideas as well, but I'll let you guys digest that lot so far. Tell me what you think of the colour scheme, & the other ideas as well.


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    What you have suggested seems good and the colour scheme works well. The general feel for the White Scars is that were kind of based on the mongol hordes of Ghengis Khan so you may be able to find inspiration for freehand work in modern day Mongolian culture or historical images depicting G.Khan. It may be that you could paint their flesh with a more Asian feel rather than standard European white?
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    Yeah I had the same feeling, actually watched the film 'Mongol' as research, loved the fight scene. I'm going to try & include lightning in most of the imagery as it's so key to the scars & the Mongols background.

    Any suggestions how to paint a more asain skin tone anyone?

    Also, I'm very much a Fluff orientated colector, I go for what fits the fluff & looks cool rather than whats effective on the battle field, so expect a bike mounted command squad & two bike squads, I'm planning to give the sergeants banners on the backs of their bikes, more samurai style than the standard imperial ones. The other squads are going to either be Rhino mounted or have jump packs. I wont be using Drop Pods, as what self respecting son of the Khan wants to be stuck on foot after they've arrived at a battle field. I'm also completely ruling out Dreads as the scars just don't use them period.

    I'm wondering about trophies, namely heads. Scars have a history of taking enemies heads as trophies (They're pretty feral & they take parts of their enemies as trophies, is it any wonder Horus assumed they'd turn against the Emperor?), & I was thinking of using zombie heads on a couple of models as trophies, but do you think it's a step too far?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marshal Angman View Post

    I'm wondering about trophies, namely heads. Scars have a history of taking enemies heads as trophies (They're pretty feral & they take parts of their enemies as trophies, is it any wonder Horus assumed they'd turn against the Emperor?), & I was thinking of using zombie heads on a couple of models as trophies, but do you think it's a step too far?
    Not sure about zombie heads as that seems a bit to icky for a loyal space marine chapter, that rotting head thing is a bit to close to nurgle ideals really. That said you could have dried out shrunken heads, now I know that's a completly different culture but I think it would work quite well.

    I made a White Scar terminator unit a while back as a GD entry. Here's a link to the Sgt figure Looking back I could have gone a lot further with extra detailing and such but hey ho. As for people saying White Scars don't use terminators my reasoning is that you don't get mch more hit and run than a bunch of termies teleporting in, doing lots of damage and then teleporting out again. Not sure you can do that with the current rules but you were certainly able to in the late 90s version.

    As for skin colours having looked through some google images there is a great variance in skin tone for Mongols so I would go with the more taned/darker shade for all of the figures to make it obvious that they are different. Oh and black hair would be a must.
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    Yeah, that's the kind of thing I was thinking of for the bikers sergeants. It kind of stems from having a rallying point for the cavalry so it makes sense to me. However I won't be putting them onto my infantry sergeants as i can only see it being a pain in the backside when you're trying to dismount from a rhino...

    As for the heads conundrum, this is the only full White Scars model there is, and as you can see he has a head on his belt.

    Name:  m80165a_99060101428_KorsarroKhan_873x627.jpg
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    I was thinking of something subtle like this on my Khan (who is going to be a continuation of a Sergeants story line from official GW fluff, I figured he was probably in line for a promotion), and maybe on a sergeant or two.

    And a definate yes on the Black hair, except maybe for my Scout bikes Sergeant, who I'm thinking will be this old grizzled veteran teaching these young things who to fight for their Khan!

    As for termies, they aren't very high on my list of things to do. We'll see what happens, I'm more tempted to try doing some vets on bikes!

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    Mongols don't necessarily have the same skin tone as other Asians from the area. They tend to actually have a skin tone closer to southeast Asians for the darker skinned mongols or Kazakhs for the lighter skinned mongols. So a dark flesh in the recesses lightened up with maybe some vomit brown for a mid tone and the final highlight should be a brownish light flesh color, avoid pinks and reds like you would do for Caucasian flesh and go for brownish to yellowish skin tones. The highlight should be like the color of the foam on a cappuccino. Hope that helps, I've never attempted to paint asian flesh on a model but the general method I described works decently on canvas.

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    I have inspired you!
    Can't wait to see the one for the project, AND I will be watching this thread too!, very cool!

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    Well I'm going home on Monday, so I'll be able to grab a few things that I need then, including my bits box & some bikes that I never use in my BT's army that I'll be able to butcher for spares hopefully (a couple are in quite a bad shape...). So hopefully I will have a test model Started within a week or so!

    oh & the brotherhood symbols I'll be using for these guys are the same as the ones I'm doing on the pre-heresy CC marine!
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    Really cool idea, look forward to see how this progresses.

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    Hey guys, just a quick question, did a sketch of what I want to do for a power lance. Do you think it's imperial enough?

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    The heads off of Jain Zar's weapon, I'm hoping to try & turn the scream face into a horse skull, & removing the eldar gems from it. Attaching this to the parts from a thunder hammer, extending it so it looks like a lance, & then the obligatory horse (well wolf) tail on the end.

    Also might hopefully have my first mini's up in the next day or so!

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    I think it should look imperial enough. Have to see the finished product. Maybe add a backswing spike to it?

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    I'm going to avoid the back spike. Its for use from the back of a bike, I dont ever see a situation where it'd be needed. It's more of a spear/lance than a halbard (& yes i know he's kinda holding the wrong end).

    Also, have started work on my first bike, no pics yet as its basically just a bunch of bits still, hopefully first pic will be up tomorrow

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    I presume that you have but, in case not, have you checked out the GW White Scar bike squad and commander. May give you some additional inspiration.
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    You see the problem i have with them is the same problem I have with all of the GW bikers, they're too static! Especially for White Scars who were born in the saddle. If you watch this clip, this is more what I see scars to be like, riding wise. Plus, it's just cool. I will probably pick some up, but expect to see them butchered for weapons & torsos & not to appear as they are. First WIP photos tomorrow, promise!

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    As promised a WIP shot. This is of the lance i sketched earlier, its actually almost finished now, but I'll have to wait for daylight to get a decent pic. I still need to add a cable to the top, it'll be going into the side of the box, rather than the bottom, now I've assembled it I can see it's way too tight. Also have to do the horse skulls on the sides, I've filed back the original faces so I can put them on. Also in the BG you can see the bike I've been playing around with.

    Name:  017.JPG
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    First bike WIP

    Name:  008.JPG
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    Still need to decide on the colours for the saddle & how to do the light on the front, as I usually do them in white

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    Is that an old bike, or are the forks from something else?
    My SM Bike don't look like that. Spill it!

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    space marine bike for the most part, with chaos forks, handle bars etc (the forks on the chaos bike ar slightly wider), with the imperial farring, with the standard mire bolters. I said I'd try to make each model as unique as possible.

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    Chaos forks? Cool, I'll have to get me some, I like the forks better than the wheel guard. Coming along wonderfully!
    Where's my Display fig?...LOL.

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    A long overdue update, none of these are completely finished, but you get an idea of where I'm going with them. Also apologies for poor quality pics, need to get myself a decent camera


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    Plasma Gunner

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