Looking for spiders of all shapes and sizes!
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Thread: Looking for spiders of all shapes and sizes!

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    Default Looking for spiders of all shapes and sizes!

    So With the arachnarok I've been inspired to do a codex daemons 40k army based on SPIDERS.

    arachnaroks would of course be the soulgrinders
    Heresy miniatures has this fantastic spider that I can use for bloodcrushers and/or fiends

    So what I'm looking for is ideas for spiders/spider themed models for rank and file daemons and greater daemons. I don't care what company makes them as long as they look badass

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    well the obvious super demon is the gw one:

    and of course, there is shelob

    technically not a spider but cherry from jag would fit:


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    Otherworld have the ones that Navarro sculpted recently http://www.otherworld.me.uk/weseries.html
    and there are a few in the GW LotR range too, the big Shelob but also a blister with a couple of smaller ones.

    Cheers, B.
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    Yeah Navarro's spiders at Otherworld are ace!

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