Orki's Stunties - Finished Army! :)
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Thread: Orki's Stunties - Finished Army! :)

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    Default Orki's Stunties - Finished Army! :)

    Wooo!!! My first army that ive finished since my 2nd ed Eldar!

    (For those that dont know me I do have an excuse though, I got out of the hobby in the mid 90's and only started again recently).

    c&c welcome as always, though I probably won't listen as ive had enough of the little buggers for the mo!

    Like the rest of my mini's these are also up for sale, and they are still game virgins too! Pm/email me if your interested.

    Hope you like!

    *waits for Countersunk81 to maliciously derail the thread in an act of vengeance...* :P


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    nice one. looks great

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    Oh man! That is very impressive. I cannot imagine the amount of work this took you.

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    Very cool. Where'd that bear come from? Very Golden Compass meets Mordheim.

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    Certainly great work and having done a couple of armies in my time I can truly appreciate how much work has gone into this. Well done.

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    Superb army, must be a real treat to play with!

    Quote Originally Posted by QuietiManes View Post
    Very cool. Where'd that bear come from? Very Golden Compass meets Mordheim.
    the warbear is from Scibor monstrous minis i believe

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    GAH! I'm hurt that you think I'm capable of such things

    You've really dropped the ball with these, some truly awful painting, and a complete waste of your time...

    ...But seriously, this is just annoyingly good

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