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    Hy folx,

    I wanted to show you my last finished project. It waited quite a while quietly in its WIP-shelf but everytime I looked at it, it gave me a bad conscience. It seemed that it would always whisper "...finish me, complete me...". Kind of creepy.
    SO, I conceded and brought it to an end.

    This miniature is from Corvus Belli / Infinity and is called "Aragoto Senkenbutai". I needed several attempts to finally remember this long name. LOL It is a typical subtle Infinity miniature with minor flaws when it comes to moldlines.

    Because of the nature of the bike, the only possible base idea was that of a road / highway. The lamp and the side rail are made from scratch. The lamp is made out of some plastic tubes and an old sprue and the side rail is casted out of keramin.

    When I thought about a fitting label I first thought about "Killing roads" or "Streets of death" but all of that sounded quite lame. So I thought about a little wordplay and "Roadkill" came to my mind.

    I am not quite satisfied with the pictures because they seem a little bit blurry to me and the red parts still miss some contrast, but thats a constant problem of mine.

    Hope you like it anyways.

    Voting link: http://www.coolminiornot.com/272396

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    as usual great job, the base especially, love the grafitti!
    poor dead animal.

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    Great job, lovely work on the base too. But, I will make one small nitpick - the tyres on the bike look as if they've just come off the shelf so I think a bit of light wear would help a lot.

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    looks awesome

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    I really like the graffiti, well done.

    Did you sculpt the kitty or are there some road killed miniatures available for purchase somewhere?

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    Just incredible. There are very few artists that create the complete look (miniature/base/storytelling) the way you do.

    You are simply a master at it.

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    Absolutely superb, great work!

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