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    Default Kit bashed Ork Mega Dread

    I've been working on this for a few months now,(but only put in about 8 hours of work so far, due to large breaks) only because I had hit a snag with how to put on the legs in a stable fashion so they wouldn't break off every time i picked it up lol. after a mind blowing "eureka" moment, I just finished it up last night, i may want to add more plating, but before i did i figured i'd post it up here so i can get any hints or criticism before i start painting it. so here it is.

    all C&C is welcome, thanks!

    Edit: I completely forgot to list the kits i used for this project (for shame, i know) so here it is

    I used a deff dread kit (main body, main frame for the arms, legs, big shootas, one leg pad)

    Killa kan kit (used to extend the main body, arms, and legs were looted to beef up legs and arms. shoulder pads used 2 of the klaws, one from each kit to make the rippa klaw)

    A tau gunship (used the weapon as a kllkannon, modified of course, and looted the tau engines to use as feet lol)

    Also, I used a dozer blade from (I think) a chimera, or something of the sort as the main "face" also used random bits here and there such as the searchlight from a stompa as a cyclopes eye.
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    Me gusta!

    I like the use of the searchlight as a cyclopean sort of eye. Gives it a lot of character. I'll be interested to see this one painted!
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    MOBILE SCRAPHEAP yep i think you've acheived real orcy-ness there cool build

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    • a person who is greatly admired or feared.
    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: translating Latin semideus .

    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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    thats some great work. great kit bash!

    you could even use one of those holes on top for a boss pole!

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    thanks guys, I still have a bit of work to do on it still now that i'm looking at it in a larger view, mainly filling in the area near his "butt" with some grubbins and wires. as for the boss pole, i had planned on doing that i was going to magnetize it so i could also create a KFF for it, and use it as a mekka dread

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    Definitely very cool, and very "MEGA". For some reason when I look at the pics I'm thinking of him stuck in a white box, trying to find or smash a way out.

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    groovy, and 100% orkyness!
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    Thanks guys, appreciate it a lot. with some of you I've been following your work for quite some time and you guys inspire me quite a bit, so the positive comments let me know I'm on the right track. Cheers

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    here's the final updated pic to my megadread i scratchbuilt/kitbashed. just finished basing him last night, I'll eventually add snow onto the base to fit in with the rest of my army, but as i have none to use at them moment, this is it for now

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    looks really good
    im going to try a kit-bash now. ^.^

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