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Thread: Signatures and profiles - how to enable

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    Just got into painting minis, figured I may as well register here so I've got a place to ramble about painting!

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    Just getting in my first post, thanks!

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    Hello! I'm fairly new to the hobby and still figuring things out, so I don't have much to contribute yet, so I'll just post here for now. Hope all is well!

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    Finally got round to setting up an account, I guess there is nothing else to say other than i'm not a robot!

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    Complain, huh? Haha.. I know the drill. Hello world.

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    Thanks for the heads up!
    Happy gaming!

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    Hey all! I registered quite a while ago, been in and out all this time, only watching the galleries, reading, etc. I had no posts and I still cant edit my profile. Yet, when I log-in, I get this "Recent Activity" thing stating that I received the "Face Off" badge 5 days ago. I don't really get what is that badge for. Could someone explain, please?

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    Is this the place where I tell people I'm not a spam bot?
    Cool. All flesh and blood here

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    Hello there!
    Nice to meet you all!

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    Hello world

    Just a bad joke. Hi to everyone. It's been time only looking at your work since I decided to post finally.

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    Just got into painting mini's. Saw this site and it made me some awesome goals to shoot for.... but some of the works on here blow my mind.

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    Hi Mini Fans,

    I've been a fan of the site for many years, but I had a long hiatus from miniatures. When I returned, this site wasn't just a gallery anymore, it had become a beacon in the dark for indie mini's which is fantastic. I rediscovered the site due to Super Dungeon Explore. I'm painting again and love the many different new companies that have seemingly sprung up out of nowhere, at least to me. It's a shame that I live in Australia, because it's so hard to get variety downunder. Our retailers still haven't broken out of a very rigid bi-partisan habit of only importing the Coke and Pepsi, miniatures.

    I'm currently waiting on 3 games that I ordered over 2 months ago, Samurai Battles, Ascending Empires and Krosmaster Arena. Only 1 being of miniature importance.

    I am painting the first unit of The Order of the Vulture miniatures made for Michael Moorcock's new range of Hawkmon armies for Eureka miniatures who are the ones manufacturing them. Unfortunately we've just had the worst heat wave that I can remember and I have been unable to complete them due to acrylics being so fast drying. The temp has started dropping so I'll be able to continue soon.

    The heat wave plus the Skylander figures has inspired me to create a new enamel technique for painting mini's though, and I'm pretty excited about starting that project.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say "HI" and activate my profile privileges, hehe.

    p.s. I still have the first Cool Mini or Not Annual that was printed years ago. It took about 6 months to get here back then, haha. But it was worth it.

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    Did anyone say 'cookie'?

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    Everything is awesome..!

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    Newbie, please be gentle tibour's Avatar
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    Another newbie reporting. New to this forum anyway.

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    Hi, proving I'm alive and kicking

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    Hi Chern Annive been on cmon a while more than a year and I'm wondering why photos ony gallery are showing up missing is There a way to fix this this shouldnt be happening all the time please fix this and let me know when I Gould expect tios

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