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    Hey all. I'm new here, but not new to collecting and painting miniatures. I've always liked boardgames with physical pieces and strategy. Before running into 40K in the early 90's, I used to design my own boardgames using clay figures and pizza boxes. I also remember playing Drakborgen (DungeonQuest) and some of my games were based on that. I remember Talisman being interesting too.

    Onto the projects.

    Starsword 700 is my 40k'ish project. I'm just having fun and being silly at this point. I'm thinking '28mm heroic' (i.e. 32mm tall humans or whatever), with the larger heads, minus the huge feet and trunk limbs.

    I'm paraphrasing the Beakies and Old dreadnought here.

    There's some stuff in my open 40k dir. Most (nearly all) of the miniatures were painted in the late 90's. Nowadays there are so many other competing activities, so I've only painted a few figures in the last decade. Some years ago I experimented a bit with making my own EPIC bases out of clay. I quite like the look of round 4 figure bases. I'm collecting 40K Eldar and EPIC Chaos, plus quite an amount of whatever looks neat. Probably not alone on that one.

    StarGladius is the 1:72 scifi miniature project of mine. I wish there were more realistic 1:72 miniatures to go with my ZOIDS. StarGladius is based on:

    StarGuard, a scifi miniature game from the 70's.

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    I drew some "demon engine" paraphrases today.

    Hopefully I'll be getting my Citadel washes on Friday. Eager to try those out!

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    Here are some random soldiers. I'm trying to get a feel for the scales (and proportions) that are out there.

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    very cool project look forward to seeing more

    cassar [demigod] |ˈdemēˌgäd|
    noun ( fem. demigoddess |ˈdemēˌgädis| )
    a being with partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity, the offspring of a god and a mortal, or a mortal raised to divine rank.
    • a person who is greatly admired or feared.
    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: translating Latin semideus .

    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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    Allright! I just got my Citadel Washes! I'll be trying them out in short notice.

    Also, I ordered 3 to be on the safe side.



    Oh well. At least they weren't already in the main gang box.

    Oh, wait.

    I Drew a Blood Reaper and Cannon of Khorne (paraphrase) yesterday. See Post 2.
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    Having acquired pink, baby blue and yellow, I proceeded to quickly paint up an Amazon from StarGuard. Here cloned with digital trickery. To the left, a Phillips Night Intruder. Right, Valkyrie Fembot.

    These are around 1:72. 24-25 mm without high heels for this particular Amazon. The StarGuard stuff is pretty old and a bit blobby, so if you want crisp detail you sometimes have to paint it.
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    GW's sculpting tool was so sloppily made I don't even know where to start. It's as useful as a axe made out of plastic.

    I'll be sticking to my handmade ones. They're easy to make, and you can create any tip you fancy. Carve with a knife, sandpaper, then polish against a carpet or something.

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