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Thread: Scattered projects

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    I've found that the Tamiya Quick putty sands well if left to dry for a day. It's even a bit brittle rather compared to my rubbery old GS.

    The Space Orc is based on this one, so it's deliberately not orky. I wanted to use rounder shapes and a more space-suity, haphazard (asummetrical) armour. I do like the round shapes and less junky look for the Orks. That's how the Paul Bonner Orks that I fell in love with back in the day looked.

    Today's progress (still have a few hours of painting left.). Painting it proved a useful lesson, since I noticed where I had made good edges and not more easily, and which surfaces were actually smooth.

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    Wrapped up Orc and test hill.

    More pics here

    The mini turned out a little better than I though, but I thought I'd work 1 day on it, not 4. It has lots of sculpting artifacts which would bother me if I was planning on casting it. I don't regret painting it, anyways. The color scheme is sort of plain and flat with no extravagance.

    The flock coverage is a little poor on the hill and tree, I think one needs to go over them twice. Overall, the materials seems to be working, but it needs to be applied with some more thought and foresight. The Scenic Cement was a surprise. Very matt spray which I got all over the place. Seals the rock washes a little. I dry brushed some white on the rocks to pick out the structures slightly. The previous washes did some shading but not enough. Looks better on photos a than IRL, I think.

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    I love how the orc came out. I especially love the little bits of gear and the functional design of the armor and all this equipment.

    I'm a big fan of your work and have followed your game art for years. It's neat seeing you do some non-digital sculpture work. BTW, thanks for all the digital painting tutorials you've posted over the years

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    Yeah, I like the space orc too. I think his bulky-ness really works. Looks like a great candidate for a Blood Bowl army theme

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    Two year old thread !
    Yep love the ork, reminds me of classic GW style
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Default Rrrriiiise

    It's aaaliiive!

    While it's twitching, here's a somewhat successful magnification attempt on an old EPIC beetle style Warlord Titan - half painted in the days of yore. I'm converting it into a Slaanesh thing. Plastic is red (I've drilled some dents).

    Using neodymium 2x1mm disc magnets which I've pushed into a 2mm drill hole packed with a little GS. Magnetized everything pretty much. Metal Warhound weapons do stay on, but the arms are a bit floppy because I also magnetized the shoulder. I should make a second part with GS to make sure the contact surfaces are flush and a little textured, to increase friction. The magnet surfaces are too icy.

    Also worked a bit on my own not-Titan plastic sprue where I added some snappy rings for magnetization:

    Sprue rough
    Orc sprues
    More Orcses

    I have plenty of new stuff, just forgot about this thread... Learning electronics atm.

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