iphone camera results...... Wut?!!
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Thread: iphone camera results...... Wut?!!

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    Default iphone camera results...... Wut?!!

    So I decided to stop being lazy and start submitting the showpieces I finish painting.

    This one I finished up at my local GW, and since I don't have a light cube at home yet, I just took some shots at the store

    I used, as mentioned, my iPhone 4 and an app called Camera + that basically acts like a DSLR. I can set the aperture focus and brightness/color focus on different areas of the picture.

    And with almost zero photoshop level adjustments, here are the results


    Normally I'd use my D40, and ottolite daylight lamp. but I thought this would be a cool experiment

    thoughts on the results?

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    pretty nice. surprising.

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    yeah very good for an iphone. the camera on mine is shite. good if the light is perfect otherwise, shite

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    Yep. Miniature photography without is well suited to smaller sensors in that it's easier to get the entire miniature in focus without sacrificing a lot of the image quality. The only issue with the image you posted is noise which is a feature of smaller sensors as well. The camera on my phone is absolutely crap, but it'd be cool to make an attemt anyway.

    Nice mini!

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    Jeebus! That's a much nicer looking result than most of my attempts with my Canon.

    Cool mini too.

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    Holy crap! Nice results!
    licked brushes and counting.

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    Interesting... I regularly take > a dozen shots with an actual camera just to get one good one I can post here. And I recently found the Canon Eos Rebel to be sub-optimal for mini photos. So this is definitely noteworthy. As for the "noise", it's pretty minimal (seems to appear just in the low-contrast areas).

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    I've actually had a LOT of color shift problems with my iphone 4 while taking photos of miniatures. The reds will shift from shot to shot.

    Thanks for posting what app you used, I'll be picking that up tonight and giving it a whirl.

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    not bad at all....be curious to see the unedited full size original image

    and would like to see what you can do using your D40, as a comparison

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orb View Post
    not bad at all....be curious to see the unedited full size original image

    and would like to see what you can do using your D40, as a comparison
    Once I get a chance to pick up a light cube I'm planning to take some good shots with my D40 and compare them to the raw shot I still have on my phone. I'll post them here when I do.

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