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    Default Avatars Of War Painting Contest

    Full details can be found on Wamp:

    Contest Details



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    To try and entice you even more every entry will receive a voucher that will entitle you to free shipping on your next Avatars of War order!

    Add that to the great prizes, free entry and the chance to get your work on the cover of Portal magazine and what's not to like!

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    I might actually paint something this time...LOL.
    best laid plans and all that....

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    2 days left for entries.
    Absolutely free to enter and you could bag yourself some great prizes plus all entries recieve a voucher for free shipping courtesy of Avatars

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    I still haven't gotten my mini from AoW...LOL.
    I won't be entering this contest, and this time I have an excuse! YAY!

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