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    Hi guys, I wanted to have a wip thread so I can post my progress learning to painting miniatures.
    Seems like the best place to learn here and the inspiration throughout is second to none.
    Love the amount of knowledge in the articles and tutorials too. I'm very slow right now so hopefully i'll speed up a little over time.
    I work as a 3d artist and I paint a lot, mostly digitally so I'm hoping some of that value and color composition knowledge transfers over.

    Here goes.

    Here are my paints and setup ( Although getting a new desk tomorrow just for painting and sculpting )

    Sprayed some figures ready for painting, went with a black as they will be black and yellow.

    Started with something small to practice my brush work, and the getting used to painting with thinned paint.

    And an update -

    Working on one of the guys now, so updates to follow.
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    Well I'm a slow painter, I'll say that. But I'm learning, more and more each day.
    I've painted a base coat over this guy, worked some shadow areas and some highlights.
    I've learned a lot about layering, too quick too soon, and about removing mold lines before painting!

    I put him on my window ledge and took a few shots while turning him around.
    A little photoshop color correction and painting out the background and I have a good mini display layout which I can use to display my in progress minis in future.
    The finals If I ever get there, I can do coloured backgrounds and something more creative but this is good for spotting mistakes and for record.

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