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    Hey all!
    Does anyone have tips for me (and possible tricks) to use photoshop and remove the background of the miniature and change it to (let's say) a gradient?
    I've always used a white background and I heard here and there that it's annoying rather than being 'neutral'.

    Just looking for ways to 'crop' out the miniature and insert a gradient without getting that glow effect around it.
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    i prefer to get two miniatures and rub them around on my gaming bobos.
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    Photograph it in front of a gradient.
    If you need one, send me your e-mail via pm.

    Also, bend the gradient from vertical to horizontal instead of a fold/crease. This will eliminate a lot of unwanted clutter.
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    Depends on your version of Photoshop - CS4 & CS5 have different tools for that purpose in comparison to earlier versions. Personally unless you're doing a montage, I would do as airhead suggested and snap in front of a nice coloured background - it will look a lot more professional!


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    Here's my current setup. I just bend a desktop lamp into the box, light bulb white balance, use a small tripod and delayed trigger to avoid shaking the camera.

    I was thinking of painting something like a very blurry landscape background, but maybe it will be strange and distracting.

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    Use the Photoshop tool - magic wand - and select all of your white background then you can do whatever you want with it. Zoom in real tight to make sure you have a good tight selection.
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    Covers use of the magic wand colour selection tool to select the background, "cut out" the figure, and replace the background with any image you choose.

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    Getting a gradient you like in-photo is the best way if you can manage it, since it'll save you a lot of time and fuss taking the original background out and dropping in a new one.

    Cutting out the subject from its background can be hard to do well where there are areas of varied focus, which is pretty common with macro photos. And if it's done badly a submission can look amateurish, even if it's painted well.

    If you do want to go the route of getting rid of the original surround, to pop in some custom backdrop for example (e.g. some of the textures I posted here), I would strongly recommend doing it with a layer mask rather than erasing, or making a selection and deleting, since a mask allows you to add and subtract at will for best results.


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    Thank you all! Will certainly try out the gradient on paper background and I'm going to steal your lightbox Arne!
    Consider question answered until further notice
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    i prefer to get two miniatures and rub them around on my gaming bobos.
    Totally going for #1 -->

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