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    Hi to all!
    I'm Jose (Connann) and I write from Spain. I've been reading a while CMON Forum and today I decided to come in and show some of my work. Hope you like!

    This time the scene will be minimal, with a single miniature and a terrain. Only with these I will make a story.

    I made again a post-apocalyptic environment, perfect to put one of those space marines. And that's where the issue comes up again ...

    I've wanted to represent a space marine on a larger scale, using parts of an exterminator. You know that parts of the exterminators are wider and larger than a space marine, perfect to do a Space Marine in a superior size.

    1st STEP

    After an intense painting session, I present you the terrain finished... or nearly so.

    In my post-apocalyptic style I decided to use gray colors and earthy tones. In a future world where nuclear war and environmental degradation are basic, large areas of desert are covered with ashes and small human outposts. This is why I have turned to try to capture this idea.

    Details varied, such as cans, newspapers ... provide more realism to the scene. Do not rule out adding a little something more.

    Anyway, I hope you like what you've done and you know ask what you want!

    Ps. You can find more here: http://lamoradadeconnann.blogspot.com/

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    Connann welcome to the forums

    very nice looking.

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    more cool signs

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    Very nice, love the attention to detail and color choices.

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    love the coke and 7up cans
    Him- "wouldn't it be easier if everyone nuked everyone"

    Me-"Yea, but then there wouldn't be anyone to make a movie about it"

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    Hahahaha! I'm very happy with your comments!

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    You HAVE to write articles on EVERYTHING you did on ALL 3 of your "models".
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    Today I post some pictures of the process of this new scene.
    I have taken a break these days, because I'm playing "Fallout 3", a Ps3 game.

    Finally, I present a little bit of the progress, the miniature, which needs more work on light and shadows. The pose of the mini is the definitive, although the settlement of the miniature on the terrain is provisional.

    But the idea is that you can see ... a space marine that is searching beyond the blood and the stairs.
    I really like the idea of ​​this scene, with an unbalance between the left side, with the figure, and the empty right side, where the blood is like other character.

    It's an experiment, which like it or not to you, but I love plan and perform it.

    Be happy!

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    i really and i mean REALLY like the use of muted browns and reds and yellows combined with greys on the diorama, and yet the bright green color of the space marine, help to push the entire project out. a very good composition using asymmetrical balance, and color theory.
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    have to say its a bit bo-hoo over here. the base totally owns but imo that marine is ruin it a bit. (ok i do think marines are pretty uncool anywhere...) I think a more madmax-steampunk typ of mini had suit this scene a lot better.

    still the mini is very nicely painted too of course.

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    Thanks a lot for your C&C!!
    I'm working to finish it today!

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    Very cool base there! But have to agree with SkelettetS, don't like the marine very much. Some steampunk mini would have been great.

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    Thanks for your reply!

    Well, the scene is now complete!

    As you can see, the terrain was almost finished, like the miniature, which needed only to paint the armour with some scratches and rust effects.

    Anyway, I hope you like this idea, because in it a single mini and a puddle of blood trying to tell a story.



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