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    Hi to all!
    I'm Jose (Connann) and I write from Spain. I've been reading a while CMON Forum and today I decided to come in and show some of my work. Hope you like!

    This time the scene will be minimal, with a single miniature and a terrain. Only with these I will make a story.

    I made again a post-apocalyptic environment, perfect to put one of those space marines. And that's where the issue comes up again ...

    I've wanted to represent a space marine on a larger scale, using parts of an exterminator. You know that parts of the exterminators are wider and larger than a space marine, perfect to do a Space Marine in a superior size.

    1st STEP

    After an intense painting session, I present you the terrain finished... or nearly so.

    In my post-apocalyptic style I decided to use gray colors and earthy tones. In a future world where nuclear war and environmental degradation are basic, large areas of desert are covered with ashes and small human outposts. This is why I have turned to try to capture this idea.

    Details varied, such as cans, newspapers ... provide more realism to the scene. Do not rule out adding a little something more.

    Anyway, I hope you like what you've done and you know ask what you want!

    Ps. You can find more here: http://lamoradadeconnann.blogspot.com/

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