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    After my last post, how I made a 40K Terrain (http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...rain-%28WIP%29), I want to show you what kind of mini goes on that terrain.

    The terrain seems like a junkyard, that's why I needed a tiny miniature to put on it. And which miniature brings the right profile? A gretchin! A goblin of 40K.
    But I decided to perform a conversion. So, I took a miniature from Rackham (AT-43 game), a small tank with legs and arms, the model Dragomira:

    I decided to turn this mini tank into a real machine, piloted by a goblin, a perfect example of the Ork style. To do this I modified the front, with an ork-style defense, with fangs.

    Also I decided to put in the frontal hatch a goblin's head. The arms were also modified, with a clamp and a chainsaw, more useful in a junkyard than a destructive weapons.

    When I started to painting ... I used a striking color scheme, where the rusts and other weathering effects stands out. The yellow color scheme also reminds the Bad Moon clan.

    I hope you like it!!

    Ps. You can find more here: http://lamoradadeconnann.blogspot.com/

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    Thats pretty fricken good work there!

    3 posts and your already better than me! Boo hoo

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    that sign is brilliant

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    Thanks a lot for your polite words!!!
    Be happy,

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