"Restricted Area" (WIP and Finished)
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    Default "Restricted Area" (WIP and Finished)

    Maybe some of you remember my latest work that I updated into CMON: http://www.coolminiornot.com/271031
    Anyway, I'll show you the WIP of that work.

    1st STEP

    In that project I will use only 2 miniatures: a space marine terminator and a genestealer (tyranid).

    The idea is inspired in Space Hulk, a Games Workshop game. The terminator miniature is one of the new models for this game, a revision of the classic game.

    I want to represent the strenght of the terminator searching the xenomorph, who wants to attack the space marine.

    The terrain was made with some "trash" materials. I love recycle, hahaha!

    2nd STEP

    And finally, I finished.

    I like the contrast that I tried in this scene. The turquoise tones has allowed me to paint different areas and to play with new and better weather effects.

    I painted shadows and lights in the minis, but I am unable to extract a few good photos.

    I am satisfied with the final result, with the tyranid which rises from the depths, being illuminated for hatch's light.

    I hope you like it, because I finished very tired with this work.

    Be happy!

    Ps. You can find more here: http://lamoradadeconnann.blogspot.com/

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    cool idea. always wondered what the pose on that marine was about

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    Yes, that's true! This terminator is impressive!
    Thanks again!

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    beautiful painting on the backdrop mate. thumbs up from me.

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    Very nice. What colours did you use to get that dirty turquoise effect on the metal?

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    Thanks again!!!
    For the turquoise I use two kind of colours: Turquoise (Vallejo) and Hawk Turquoise (GW). Mixed with white or dark blue/black to shadows and lights.
    Be happy!

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