3yr hiatus and now.....this (also an experiment with BB phone camera)
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Thread: 3yr hiatus and now.....this (also an experiment with BB phone camera)

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    Default 3yr hiatus and now.....this (also an experiment with BB phone camera)

    As you can tell from the title of this thread, I have been away from the hobby for 3 years (just finished my degree last Monday) and have been itching to pick up a brush again. I decided to crack open my Skull Pass box and let the kids have a go at painting minis. My son (9yrs old) is painting the dwarves, and my daughter (13yrs old) is painting the goblins. I am painting the troll.

    I have some pieces that I left half finished before I went back to school, but I didnt feel comfortable just jumping back in without a little practice. I present here, my practice piece.

    Name:  troll.jpg
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    It is a WIP and the picture was taken with my Blackberry. Most of my paints are either dried up, or on their way to drying up. I had to add extender to most.

    The skin is a base of Dark Angels green, with numerous layers alternating between brown and green washes and some highlights of goblin green mixed with the DA green.

    The skin is by no means complete yet. But I wanted to share some WIP pictures with the community.

    I am also looking for suggestions for the other bits on this piece (colors, etc.)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Another layer of goblin green highlights and another wash with Dakka Green. Again picture taken with camera phone.

    Name:  troll4.jpg
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    Can I say: "Hulk SMASH!"?


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    Troll looks very nice, he's a good rich green!

    Do you think the kids are into mini painting specifically, or is it more of a fun creative activity for them to do with you?

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    He looks good Parvus, it'll be nice to see the face details go in Photos aren't bad for a phone! Try just curling a sheet of plain paper under & behind the mini to create a clean background though, fewer distractions from your paintjob!

    Colour ideas - Reds & oranges for bright contast on jewelry etc. I'd be tempted to do the statue head as a sandstone, redder end of things. Though a marble might be very pretty if you're up for it? I don't own this mini, is there room to treat the head as that of a bearded giant? Lots of Tamiya Clear Red dripping down from the neck, real flesh & metals, sandy orange beard. Loincloth keep neutral, room for a small clan symbol on it if it ties in with the greenskins? Metallic jewelry, mostly gold, shaded with browns. Perhaps some tarnished bronze as the greens are different to his flesh but they might get lost (I wouldn't choose it for the statue head). Eyes pinked white with a black dot pupil. Teeth/nails in dirtied ivory. Tongue/gums/mouth inner in dark red, shaded to black. Inside of ears, nostrils, shade purple into the dark green to deepen it. Rock on base, match statue? Any static grass/flock, dull yellows, browns, go light on the green.

    Are we going to see updates from the whole clan?

    Cheers, B.
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    @NSA Thanks! Both kids are very creative (art, music, writing). This is just another creative outlet for them and is something we can do together. When they were little, we would finger paint and color quite often. Now that they are older both has shown an interest in mini painting.

    @BPI Thanks for all the suggestions, I will work on those. I plan to paint the dwarf head as a granite/stone texture. I did some more highlighting and will post a picture tomorrow. I will also get some pics of what the kids are working on.

    Thanks for the comments!
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    Snapped a quick pic with my phone before heading out to work this morning. I think I am done with the skin. Added one more layer of scorpion green, then a little yellow on top of highlights. Tried to make the eyes yellow but I think I will go with BPI's suggestion of reddish-pink. Next pics will be of the kid's progress on their stuff!

    Name:  troll2.jpg
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    As always, C&C is always welcome!
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    Major update! This time with clan updates.

    First up are my daughter's (13yrs old) spider riders utilizing various basic painting techniques. The far left is dry brushing, the next one is a combination of dry brushing and using a lighter shade of red for highlighting. The next two will show off ink washes but she hasn't gotten to them yet.

    Name:  spiderriders.jpg
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    Next up are some of her gobbo archers that she did when this box set first came out. Not bad for her first miniatures.
    Name:  gobbos.jpg
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    Next up are my son's (9yrs old) dwarves. The techniques I showed him for this was simple base coating and then applying a wash over the whole mini.
    Name:  dwarf (1).jpg
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    This is a comparison photo of his first attempt at painting and where he is now. The one on the right is one of his first minis from a few years ago, the one on the left was done this past Sunday.
    Name:  dwarf (2).jpg
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    It is amazing how far they've both come in their painting skills. I'll have more photos once they make more progress.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Good stuff folks Whole box painted by Easter?

    Young Dwarf painter - definitely neater this time around Photos are always helpful for a gigantic view of your paintjob, the bits that need fixing just jump out. Only a few minutes work though to neaten up. For starters, that Dwarf has a silver hand!? Time to get that pot of flesh paint back out. You might find that you need to put a second coat on once the first has dried as the silver will be trying to shine through. Then a layer of your wash to match him to the rest of the mini.

    I find metallic paints quite difficult to work with, they can thicken up on the brush very quickly. On your next one, try painting the blue of the shield first, then the gold afterwards. Because the gold area is raised, it should be easier to avoid touching the wrong area with the brush. You don't have to do all of the blue bits, then all of the gold bits (for example), paint a hard to reach bit blue, then another bit gold & return to the blue. Anything to help you keep it all neat (just be sure to get clean water for brush rinsing inbetween metallic & non-metallic paint). Keep up the good work. Do you get to paint the Dwarf pony & baggage train?

    Spider-Girl - Nice neat work on the spiders, the blue in particular looks to have gone on nice & smoothly. That's what you want as a foundation skill for painting fancier stuff on top, so well done Drybrushing is a useful technique but easy to rely on. Basecoat, wash, line highlight is certainly the way to go for army painting. Once you've had a practice on the spiders there's room to revisit the goblins that you painted first. First, a quick neaten up. Get the black out & carefully retouch the areas that the yellow & green splashed onto. Then wash. Then some flesh highlights. They should look very nice indeed.

    The pair of you need to drag dad to a hobby shop/hardware store, so that you can pick up a litre of PVA glue, some sand & perhaps some flock or static grass. Basing needn't be a chore it can be (messy) fun If nothing else, keep the tops of the bases mud or grass coloured but paint the edges black. It makes a big difference to the appearance of the troops (I think so anyway, easy to paint it brown again if you disagree).

    Happy painting guys!

    Cheers, B.
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    Ok, took a little time off there to clean my painting bench and get it organized. I have put the troll off to the side to get back to working on three Khor Knights of Uren that I am working on for a customer. Below is a quick pic of the progress I have made.

    Name:  khorKnights.jpg
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    Base colors for metallics are applied (brass and silver), fur (grey). Hope to have more updates once I get more done on them. Once I am done with these I have a Khador battlegroup and the Assault on Black Reach to work on.

    Thanks for looking!
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    I love the greens on the troll mate, bright but looking good nonetheless. I also think it is an excellent idea having your childrens work posted along with your own - its good to see and no doubt they enjoy seeing their work posted up and commented on. I cant offer technical advice on painting as well as the other folk on here but I like what I see. Some closer shots of your khador battlegroup on the next update would be nice to!!


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    Thanks DFB. Not sure when I will be getting to the Khador group yet.

    Thanks to BPI as well for all the nice tips and hints. Really appreciate them!

    Keep your paints wet and your brushes wetter!
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    Another update. Worked on the Rackham dwarves some more and I broke out my digital camera and light box for some of these pics. These are raw photos with no touch up in photoshop. The armor is just a basecoat of brass and silver with a wash of devlan mud and then hightlights of brass and silver. Pretty sure armor is complete. Next up......... the details, tubes, piping, facial details.

    Name:  DSCF0827.JPG
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    I Love those brass piggies you are working on. Are you planning on weathering or dirtying them up a bit? With those colours they already look very dirty, like their riders work them hard
    Only thing I'd suggest is a little more contrast/highlights to bring out the metal detais a bit, it could just be the photos but the details are a bit hard to pick out/muted
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    Brass boars, nice! indeed some weathering or verdigris might make them pop even more.
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