Submitting multiple pics of same model?
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Thread: Submitting multiple pics of same model?

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    Default Submitting multiple pics of same model?

    How do I submit multiple pictures of the same model so when people rate it they can see all the angles I photographed?

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    You can't, you have to use a photo editing progran like Paint or Adobe Photoshop ^_^

    Basically put all the pictures onto on picture.
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    you can do it in paint. which i think is on every pc! just get you first photos, drag the field down then copy and paste the other photos into it

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    Default sweet

    thank you kindly

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    We've been making a concerted effort, as moderators, to reject multiple angles of the same model in differeing submissions. I know it can be a pain in the butt to try and figure out how to stitch them all together, but it's worth it, both for the voters and for the gallery as a whole.

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