[Commission] 2nd edition World Eaters Chaos Space Marines army
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Thread: [Commission] 2nd edition World Eaters Chaos Space Marines army

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    Default [Commission] 2nd edition World Eaters Chaos Space Marines army

    After a long time, I finally finished the shots of this army commission. It's a very special army because it's not only a Khorne CSM army with a very strong theme of Khorne's holy number but also consists of miniatures from 2nd edition (the hollowed one) only.

    I painted a bunch of these mono-pose Berzerkers back when they were rather new and it was a great throwback to those times and a great chance to get another shot at painting them after all those years. Same with the Daemon Prince really which my brother got for his WHFB Warriors of Chaos when it was released and I painted it for him. In my opinion still the very pinnacle of creepy chaos at its best.

    Anyway, enough of my gibberish, here's some pictures:

    For the full number of shots, please have a look at my Chaos Space Marines Gallery.

    I hope you like everything. See you soon! (C&C welcome as always of course)

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    cool, nice work

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    Sweet!! The 2nd Ed Chaos codex was what got me into the hobby, and the monopose Bezerkers one of my first purchases, so a lot of fond memories for me as well.

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    looking good! I like the old models. It seems that many of the old models have more character to them in my experience. (Esp. 1st ed. chaos metals, but 2nd ed. are nice too)

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    @freakinacage: Cheers!

    @AidanK: Glad you enjoy them.

    @Kathie von Vhoorl: Agreed.

    Today I got outside and did a few army shots (despite heavy rain):

    More and bigger army shots in my CSM gallery.

    Those who like the minis, enjoy, those who don't, don't watch. C&C welcome!

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