Ready to explore the Caves of Chaos, this crew of hirelings is always ready to put their lives in danger for a few coins. Why send a character to open a chest, spike a door, or fight that minotaur when a brave hireling will do it for you.

This was one of the box sets I never got 30 years ago, but always wanted. I had a couple of figures from the set, like the two guys carrying the chest, but not the whole set. I got this one off ebay and painted it right up using the zenith priming technique: black, then low angle desert tan, then high angle white. Everything else was washes, glazes and some final opaque highlights to finish them all off. They are quick jobs so I could finish the set. I wish I could have known this stuff back when I was using Testors enamels way back when. The W/N series 7 brush is just a bit better for detail than the old black Testors brush also.

The coolmini link is here.