Grenadier Hirelings - Ready to spike doors and taste potions for a few GP
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Thread: Grenadier Hirelings - Ready to spike doors and taste potions for a few GP

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    Default Grenadier Hirelings - Ready to spike doors and taste potions for a few GP

    Ready to explore the Caves of Chaos, this crew of hirelings is always ready to put their lives in danger for a few coins. Why send a character to open a chest, spike a door, or fight that minotaur when a brave hireling will do it for you.

    This was one of the box sets I never got 30 years ago, but always wanted. I had a couple of figures from the set, like the two guys carrying the chest, but not the whole set. I got this one off ebay and painted it right up using the zenith priming technique: black, then low angle desert tan, then high angle white. Everything else was washes, glazes and some final opaque highlights to finish them all off. They are quick jobs so I could finish the set. I wish I could have known this stuff back when I was using Testors enamels way back when. The W/N series 7 brush is just a bit better for detail than the old black Testors brush also.

    The coolmini link is here.

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    for how old you did a very nice job. love the atmosphere they give off
    Now doing commissions! PM me for details.
    wanted: any plastic models from the screamingbell/Plague furnace. PM if you have any.

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    great work. interesting technique

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    Great stuff. I love 'groups' of similar minis. It's like they all form to make a greater whole.

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    Thanks guys. I like the old sets even if the sculpting is not as good as today. The figures are very functional though. No dancing or runway posing like many figures now.

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    Love these! Just my style. I've encountered this painting technique a few times before, and I'm thinking I should try it. With results like these why wouldn't I?
    You've done a great job photographing the group as well. In my experience it can be tough and I never get it quite right. The angle seems important......
    Any tips?

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    It's not a new technique or anything. It just makes it easier to use thinnned paint in a watercolor style. I wrote this tutorial years ago and probably should update it.

    For photos, I have a piece of paper taped to the front of a lamp as a diffuser, and a second lamp pointing away from the minis but providing a bit of glow from the side. That's about it, nothing more beyond that.

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