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    Default First Cool Mini WIP - Khorne Warriors of Chaos

    Hey guys, Cypher here.

    Been reading a lot on cool mini for quiet some time now and decided it was finally time to start a project log. I just received a Warriors of Chaos battalion box from a friend for a bunch of old chaos space marines I no longer wanted, and figured doing a log would make sense.

    Iv been picking away from Vanilla Marines for a while now, but needed a change from blue, so I planned on doing a themed army based on the Blood God, Khorne.

    I plan on making a 2000 point army consisting of...
    1 Exalted Hero on Juggernaught
    1 Exalted Hero on foot
    12 Warriors with 2 hand weapons
    12 Warriors with shields
    20 Marauders with light armor and shields
    10 Warhounds
    10 Chaos Knights with lances
    6 Chaos Ogres with 2 hand weapons and chaos armor

    Now on to some pictures.
    Name:  Partial Army.JPG
Views: 4153
Size:  1.02 MBName:  Bitz Box.JPG
Views: 3486
Size:  1.11 MBName:  BattalionTrees.JPG
Views: 2995
Size:  1.04 MB

    First pic is of the partially assembled army with a few painted units.
    Second is my bitz box and clipping and stuffing almost 40 models into it and the final is the sheer number of trees that came in the battalion box.

    And here are some pics of the few models i have currently painted as tests to get my army colors down.
    Name:  Warriorsx3.JPG
Views: 13848
Size:  1.09 MBName:  Knight-Side2.JPG
Views: 11152
Size:  1.03 MBName:  Hero on Foot- Back.JPG
Views: 8930
Size:  1.04 MBName:  WarriorsCHamp-Front.JPG
Views: 3349
Size:  1,008.3 KBName:  Hero on Foot- Front.JPG
Views: 3852
Size:  1.08 MBName:  Knight-Side1.JPG
Views: 4197
Size:  1.08 MB

    What I was thinking on the 2 different reds was that as a warrior became more favored by the Blood God, their armor would become even brighter shades of red. Which is why the warriors are painted a much darker, dirtier looking red and the hero and knight have almost a pure blood red armor.

    Well i think that's enough for the first post, I'll add more once I finish assembling the last 5 knights, 9 warriors and 16 or so marauders.


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    Nice neat army painting Cypher, good stuff. The colour scheme looks fine to me. How do you intend to do the bases?

    Oh, and welcome!

    Cheers, B.
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    Heh I would've done the colour gradations the other way around. Since blood is brighter red when it is fresh and becomes darker (almost brown) when it dries, so representing veterans drenched in old blood of their enemies sounds rather brutal. Though...brown khorne

    Pretty okay neat gaming quality! Though you should be careful with using such thick lines of red gore in the shadows and then white mix highlights for the knight on horse for instance, because it might end up looking a little pinkish. Since red gore isn't a true red, it's more magenta (red pushing against purple), IMO it's better to just mix blood red with a little black instead. And highlighting it with teensy amounts of orange to make the highlights a little more saturated and less pinkish, but that's more a matter of taste.

    I see you've got your work cut out for you so good luck!

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    Hey guys, Cypher here.

    Good news is the nightmare which was building all those models is over. I got a terrible box in terms of mold lines and flash, I was losing my mind. But now that it's over I can focus on the mass painting which will be alot more bearable compared to scraping every piece of plastic for what seemed like forever :P
    Name:  Finished Building.JPG
Views: 2482
Size:  1.04 MBName:  WarriorChamp2.JPG
Views: 3285
Size:  1.03 MB

    The first is just a mass pic of the almost completed army. While they are all built, I still need to take some time and make/scuplt chaos armor for the ogres.
    Second is about the only real conversion I've done so far, which was a weapon, shield and helm swap from a knight to a warrior champion just for something different.

    Thanks for the welcome BPI, I've read your massive project log and there's some great stuff there man. I think for the bases I'm going to do a black/brown scorched earth style with a dark brown static grass.
    I know they are looking pretty sad without any basing done, but its still all soggy and wet from winter here, so theres no real good sand to go grab right now. Once it warms up and dries a bit there will definitely be some new pics with based models


    What I was thinking on the color's for the rank and file troops and the khorne exalted was that in the army book, there are a few khorne relics that have a constant flow of fresh blood from the blood god. So I was going for the idea that as khorne favors a warrior more, a constant flow of a fresh blood covers the armor where was the troops are just covered in 'dried blood' from past victims.
    And as for the colors, I totally understand where you are coming from with the red gore and the blood red with some black, and I will defiantly try it out on a knight and post a pic in awhile. And as for the 'pinkish' highlights, I think that only shows up on the pictures as I do highlight them with a 1:1 mix of blood red and blazing orange to avoid the pink which would look out of place on such murderous knights.

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    Having painted a lot of Khornate minis, I might be able to give you a tip to add a lot of depth to the red, with minimal effort. GW's Ogryn Flesh wash is great for shading reds, on armor particularly.

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    Small Update time!

    I think I've finally decided how I am going to paint the marauders and war hounds. Name:  DSCN1137.JPG
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Size:  1.03 MBName:  DSCN1144.JPG
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Size:  1.06 MB

    Both are very simple and fast schemes that look at better when they aren't close up shots.
    Also, over half of the first warrior block is done, and starting to look good with the painted minis ranked up.


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