"Die Kerker von Schwarzburg" - The dungeon of Schwarzburg
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Thread: "Die Kerker von Schwarzburg" - The dungeon of Schwarzburg

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    Default "Die Kerker von Schwarzburg" - The dungeon of Schwarzburg

    Hy folx,

    I just finished this little project. It's a bit of a promo-work for our new showbase, which is available since march in the pk-pro onineshop (http://www.pk-pro.de).
    The miniature is an old "love" of mine, it's an old Rackham modell which is included in the Cadwallon Militia box. It was waiting for paint for at least 3 years now but "good things come to those who wait" or how is the saying?
    It was kind of a fast paintjob for me this time. I "just" needed about 10 hours for this miniature which is kind of lightspeed for me, especially when NMM is involved. LOL
    The spiderwebs are made out of very small amounts of cotton wool. Some wool strings are glued to one side of the wall and then teared with a small brush to the opposite side.
    It's really simple if you get accustomed to it.
    So I hope you like this little fella.
    (Sorry that the base-label is written in german but I think not all of my works have to be named english. )

    If you want to vote, click here: http://www.coolminiornot.com/274095

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    Cool execution, and the nmm is really quite excellent, especially on the shield!
    Proud owner of a Cassar!

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    lovely work as always crackpot, fantastic little scene.

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    Awesome. As an old Stronghold player I really feel he should wield an iron club or mace. But I'm partial to the pigboy macemen, unlike most people.

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