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    Even though the painting challenge that this diorama is made for is already pas the stage where i can change anything, i´m thinking of returning to it maybe do something more here and there.

    So i would like to hear your thoughts on it what you like what you didn´t like and what could have been done better and how.

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    Hey, I like all the components of your diorama individually but I have to admit that for me it doesn't really come together as a whole, it appears rather static and bland. I think having a different placment would change the dynamic entirely and make it far more engaging. You have the skaven lunging through the air like hes about to strike but theres nothing there for him to attack so it comes across as random and out of place. If you had the skaven as the center point attacking the currently leading dwarf and then brought the other two dwarfs up to the skaven's flanks it would look like the skaven champion had charged in, bowled the lead dwarf over and is moving on past the other dwarfs to come back around while the dwarfs are taken completely aback and are floundering. I'd then have all your rat swarms spread out around there feet like a swarm following it's master and over running the dwarfs. Thats just my take though, as I said the individual parts looks sweet.


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    i have to echo shakes. the diorama need more dynamic, right now its "some miniatures on a plate" kind of feeling over it. to make it more interresting some height differances of the ground is a good start (pretty much a must for making an interresting diorama of this size that involves lot of minis imo)

    as said, the individual parts look sweet.
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