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    So it's not enough that I am getting back into this hobby after a 12 year hiatus by painting an entire Space Marine army from scratch (as Iron Lords), or that I can't stop buying minis from this site to paint that have nothing to do with my army. I've decided to get into the green stuff too!

    It's not much, but I've never done this before.

    The left armature will be a space marine, in my estimation of truescale. The armatures on the right will become unarmored eldar females. They will be part of a diorama I have in mind.

    I'd put up pics of the 4 Iron Lords I've done so far, but I don't have a suitable photo setup, so that'll have to wait.
    (P.S. Those who look closely can probably spot some of the Iron Lords lol)
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    Cool! Good to see some of those old school marines getting some love. Look forward to seeing how your sculpting goes

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    Since almost all of my mini purchases were before 2000, the vast majority of what I have is old school!
    There's so much to learn since I stopped painting in 1999 - wet palettes, blending, nmm, tmm, sculpting, freehand, osl, and the list goes on.
    I've actually given all my old minis a nice pine-sol bath, so there is no evidence of my humble past. Luckily I have an excellent mentor, known around here as Elly3438, to help me get up to speed. I am on my own with the sculpting, though.
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    Good to see you started a WIP thread! You'll get some quality feedback about your sculpting and painting adventures.

    Now let's build some terrain out of those old styrofoam GW boxes LOL

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    It may be early days but I'm intruiged by your armatures. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :-)

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    Thanks moonmin. I've been watching your sculpting threads with interest, that's for sure. Not many people seem to document their sculpts. Or maybe not that many people sculpt. Haha.

    Anyways, quick update:
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    I love that Prowler. Miniature mentor has inspired me to paint it and massively inflated the price on Ebay. Anyone got a spare and want good but not ridiculous money??

    I like the dark skin.....are you going to take the contrast further with highlights?

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    Will - eBay is where I got mine. A few years ago, granted (it was primed in some of the first pics WIP pics I put up in 2011). I've gotten other Wolfen since then, but this one is my favorite.

    As for contrast, I really need to get a few good camera shots and see if I need to still push (probably). A lot of people have been bringing up the contrast on the skin/fur.
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    looking good.

    contrast on the left leg looks good to me (maybe a bit more on the knee, but that's all)

    Also this black, highlighted towards blues looks really good, I might have to steal the idea

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    Personally, I would throw the eyes in before doing further skin highlighting. And good choice with the robes. The shading on the Khaki made a heck of a difference.

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    This Wolfen is a nice mini, and it was my first video tutorial I tried... Then I found one too and painted one in the exact same colors that the Miniature mentor one. I have sent it to Werwolf (the French guy doing the video) with a big thanks because this mini with the video helped me a lot!

    @Tristan, same than everyone, the color scheme is super contrasted, will the skin be more highlighted? I really like the cloak.

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