Pirate converted Warhammer Empire army!
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Thread: Pirate converted Warhammer Empire army!

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    Default Pirate converted Warhammer Empire army!

    I was looking to build a Pirate Army for Warhammer fantasy under the Empire rules. I was wondering if anyone has any large scale pirate armies and had any ideas. I am looking for a couple of things. I am on a slim budget so I was wondering if anyone knew of larger boxed sets of pirates that I could use for core troops. (Ive seen some models on foundry that all carry the same weapon, halberds, pikes, swords, and muskets. I think they are 6 for 16$ish wich is about the same as 10 state troops for 25$ from GW. Are there any others like this? Others with more models per set?)I have found lots of single models that I could use for Generals / Captains etc. Found plenty of cannons. Overall looking for some ideas and links. Let me know!
    Thank you so much for your help!

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    also need cavalry ideas for knights and pistoliers!

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    i want do the same. I am colecting miniatures time ago for this army. I found many pirates in 28mm, the best models that i found are the pirates of hordes-warmachine, you can find it in the privateer online shop, and the pirates of "black scorpion".

    For the horses I want to do a conversion whit this models and the empire models of GW.

    I also want to do a ship-boat for represent the imperial tank, like the forgeworld miniature.

    sorry for my english xd

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    Im going to use old glory miniatures for most of my model choices. They sell packs of 30 pirates with cutlasses and knives and handguns for 38$. Cant really beat that price for that amount and they all have the same weapon. So there are swordsmen and handgunner state troops right there. I like their cannon and crew also. Only 10$. I will stilll use the hellblaster volley gun from GW just substitute the crew. They have some pistolier models too. I haven't found knight models I like yet. Haven't found great sword substitutes that I love yet. I like the black scorpion models for General and captain choice.

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    If you're going to be theme-y about it, I'd leave the Knights out altogether.

    After all, loading and off-loading horses and heavy, plate armour onto pirate ships isn't exactly commonplace (I mean, for example, how many horses did you see them riding in the Pirates of the Carribean movies? Any?). Go full-on theme and do without.

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    Yeah I like that idea. Should be all or nothing was looking to stay competitive in the game.

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