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    I was looking to build a Pirate Army for Warhammer fantasy under the Empire rules. I was wondering if anyone has any large scale pirate armies and had any ideas. I am looking for a couple of things. I am on a slim budget so I was wondering if anyone knew of larger boxed sets of pirates that I could use for core troops. (Ive seen some models on foundry that all carry the same weapon, halberds, pikes, swords, and muskets. I think they are 6 for 16$ish wich is about the same as 10 state troops for 25$ from GW. Are there any others like this? Others with more models per set?)I have found lots of single models that I could use for Generals / Captains etc. Found plenty of cannons. Overall looking for some ideas and links. Let me know!
    Thank you so much for your help!

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    also need cavalry ideas for knights and pistoliers!

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    Hordes/Warmachine has loads of pirates for the Mercenaries faction.
    Also, for Cavalry....maybe on dolphins? or rowboats...LOL.

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    Welcome to the Forums but please do not post the same thread under 3 different names. Regarding your question I can only point to the games "ron and bones" and "freebooters fate". However they are not actually cheap, so I guess it would be more cost effective to do some conversions. May I ask, how good are your Greenstuff skills?
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    Quote Originally Posted by heniosha View Post
    £115 isn't within a limited budget.........Hunt around for a Toy Pirate ship you'll possibly find one at a third of that price.

    Have a look at Warlord Miniatures for their English civil war ranges £25 (+/-) for 25 miniatures and you can tweak them to suit.
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