DH Inquisitor and BfM Aquila Pilot
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Thread: DH Inquisitor and BfM Aquila Pilot

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    Default DH Inquisitor and BfM Aquila Pilot

    Been working on the Inquisitor off and on for almost two months, and cobbled together the Pilot over the last week. I know, the bases are very uninspiring, but I was very tired yestreday and just wanted to have done with it. Feedback and advice (especially advice!) are always welcome!!

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    Overall, I really like the metallics, and the face of the bottom guy. There is a glossy feel that I don't care for, and I see a mold line on the pilots gun arm.

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    Yeah, stupid mold line. He had quite a few, but I quite brilliantly managed to miss that one. The glossy feel is due to my not-as-matte-as-I-would-like varnish. 9_9

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