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    Okay, it's time for me to raise some money and so I'm selling my tau, which have never even been removed from their sprues as I have too many projects anyway. For the moment I've put them up on WaMP's Tradepost and so here's the link to that:

    Here's a quick rundown of the items on there.

    GW Tau items

    Megaforce - SOLD
    Battleforce - SOLD
    Hammerhead - SOLD
    Skyray - SOLD
    8 Firewarriors - SOLD
    12 Kroot Mercenaries - SOLD
    6 Gun Drones - SOLD
    Commander Crisis Suit - SOLD
    XV-8 Crisis Battlesuits (unboxed and no drones) - SOLD
    Broadside Battlesuits - SOLD
    2 Sniper Drone Teams (one still shrink-wrapped) - SOLD
    2 Kroot Shapers (one in blister, other was painted and stripped) - SOLD
    2 Krootox - SOLD
    6 blister packs of 2 Kroot Hounds - SOLD

    Forger World Tau

    Pack of 2 Remora Stealth Drones
    2 packs of 2 Heavy Gun Drones
    XV88-2 Broadside Battlesuit with smart missile system

    EDIT: Previous link didn't work but the one that's there now should work.
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    Unfortuantely my computer is having issues and I'm having to borrow a laptop just to post this so I won't be able to keep track of if anyone else has purchased anything. If anyone does want something from my list then could you please wait until I have my computer fixed. I'll let you know.

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    Computer fixed, so you can begin buying my stuff again.

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    If you're not in the UK, PM me on this or Wamp's forum and you can pay directly. The wamp tradepost assumes you're trying to pay the UK costs.

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    Only a couple of things sold so far, still plenty to buy.

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    *Bump* Still just two things sold.

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    The time limit on the Wamp Tradepost auctions has been and gone but plenty of items were left unsold so I've started putting them up on e-bay.

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    Got some more items for sale but only about 7 hours left on them.

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    Barracuda, FW Broadside and Heavy Gun Drones currently on ebay.

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    Last couple of items for sale on ebay now. Another pack of Heavy Gun Drones and a FW XV89 Crisis Battlesuit.

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