[WTB] Dark Eldar Archon Asdrubael Vect on Throne.
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Thread: [WTB] Dark Eldar Archon Asdrubael Vect on Throne.

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    Default [WTB] Dark Eldar Archon Asdrubael Vect on Throne.

    I am in need of the Dark Eldar OOP Archon on Throne.
    It is a Raider with Metal additions.

    I don't want the whole thing.
    I am only looking for the throne (4 pieces), and Asdrubael himself (3 pieces).

    PM me if you have them, how much you want for them, and keep in mind to include shipping to Chicago Suburb's.

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    I want it for a diorama idea...anyone?

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    any parts?

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    I have the slavegirls from this kit, but I guess they are not what you are looking for? (Assuming a man can ever have enough slavegirls :-D)
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    Actually, I have 16 harem queen's from Bronze Age mini's. so the 2 from the Vect set would be superfluous. LOL.

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