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    This is my version of the Alys and Pussycat mini from Hasslefree, which I did following along with Iacton's Paint Masters series. I sculpted the mushroom and cast the plinth using one of my wife's candle molds. The grass was soem fake grass from my local craft store that I painted over and the flowers were preserved from my backyard- I did paint the blooms to up the color on them.

    The colors of the mini are pretty spot on in this pic, even though the background seems a little dark.

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    looks good, although it looks like there is some highlight in the shading on the front

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    I like it! The base really emphasizes that 'shrinking alice' feel. Well done.

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    Thanks guys- my whole concept was to make Alice look like she really is that tiny, which is why I went for true scale grass and foliage instead of using tufts.

    I double checked and that spot in the shading is just a reflection- I guess the matte varnish missed that spot?

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