Barbarian in Ruins - my Salute 2011 entry
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Thread: Barbarian in Ruins - my Salute 2011 entry

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    Cool Barbarian in Ruins - my Salute 2011 entry

    Hey guys

    Thought I'd share my most recent paint-job with you lot

    This is a barbarian from Hasslefree Miniatures on a base sculpted in Super Sculpey with various types of foliage (brass, real and horsehair!). I also went for a high contrast finish and NMM to try and push myself a little... I was pleased I did!

    here he is:

    The other wonderful thing about this mini is that I entered it into the Salute 2011 painting competition in London over the weekend and managed to win my first major 'Best of Show' award. I have entered the painting comp at salute many times over the years, and am really chuffed at finally joining the likes of Ali, Marike and other esteemed painters who have won.

    This win also gets me across the pond for next year's Crystal Brush... which I am genuinely still coming to terms with Will hopefully be a good opportunity to meet some of you guys who I have known online since 2002!!!

    Anyway, thanks for looking

    Voting link:

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    First of all, it pisses me off that Hasslefree used my exact likeness on that figure, and didn't give me credit!!!

    Really glad you posted it up here, I noticed it yesterday while approving pics. I just love the scene and the 'feel' of the whole thing. It certainly shows off your skills.

    Congrats on the win, it was very well deserved!

    Going to that Crystal Brush thing is awesome! Given your talents, you should be a serious contender!

    If it's going to be in Chicago again, I think I'll have to pop over, it's just a short 5 hour drive for me.

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    If it's going to be in Chicago, I'll have to pop over. It's just a short 30 minute drive lol.

    Oh, and nice nmm. That sword looks great.
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    not bad pete, not bad. good to see the pics. base is superb

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    very nice. very atmospheric. im getting the feeling that next years crystal brush is going to have some fierce competition.

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    Great job, really like the base it makes a great scene and congratulations on your award !!!

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    Congratulations! This is a super piece. The overall scene setting and composition, colour selection and NMM are all stand-out, but I'm especially impressed by the painting of the body hair!

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