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    Hello Everyone, this is my first post on the CMoN forums after being a visitor to the site for years and uploading a few pictures to my gallery I have decided to create a WiP log here to hopefully gain some advise, tips/tricks and comments to help me further my painting skill.

    I have in the past had a WiP log on another site ( but due to the restrictions of the posting subjects I decided that I still would like feedback on my non-space marine miniatures besides painting marine after marine can get boring.

    Anyhow I'm sure If you clicked on my topic you wanted to see some pictures. First up is my recently finished Thrower for my human Bloodbowl team, wearing Averland colours.

    This is my first attempt at weathering armour, I think it turned out pretty well with the placement of scratches/dents but they could have been a little smaller/more of them.

    Next is a Dark Eldar that has been sitting on my desk for a couple of months, hopefully showing it in this thread will provide some motivation to finish her

    I'm pretty happy with the skin, I was going for something cold and alien with the purple shade : / , just undecided on a colour scheme for the rest of the mini at the moment.

    Anyway hope you all enjoyed the pic's and I would really appreciate any comments or advise on either mini or the ones in my gallery or even the ones from the other forum .

    Thanks for looking


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    just got around to finishing off the Dark Eldar character today so thought id post some pics to see i I can get any comments or tips for improvement hope you like,

    I also added some details to the Bloodbowl player's base to make it a little more interesting

    and lastly my next mini to be painted, one of my favourites from GW that i have stripped and re-painted many times, a classic Gretchin from 1994

    the basecoat on the skin loses dome detail in the picture hopefully some updates to reveal it with more paint soon

    Once again comments and advice are always welcome, Thanks for looking


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    I really like the Eldar and the blood bowl guy bud lets see some more.

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    thanks for the comment, here is some more :P , ( also see the link on the first post and my gallery, I'm open to criticism on any of those minis too ! )

    a little update on the Gretchin , skin is done , mouth area needs abit of work

    any observations or tips on improvement welcome

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    Nice, some good stuff, just had a look at your gallery too. Don't think I can add any tips you seem to be getting better scores than me already! hehe
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    Very nice work all 'round I'd say. The dark eldar is my favorite (and I'm usually not a fan of eldar in general, dark or otherwise) but I really like her face (and the rest of her as well). Only suggestion I'd have would be to go a bit further on the basing. I know there's only so much you can do with a Blood Bowl pitch, but the lady's base is still quite plain. You could add some different color, make it a bit less monochrome, and add some other items. You've painted a display quality mini, she needs a display quality base.

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    Looking good there, nice painting style you've got going on. Not too bright, not too muted. The Goldilocks in me is happy.
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    Woo 3rd on the Eldar. Can't help but be drawn to the monotoneish yellow base on that one though, which is a shame. Darker earthy colours would probably do it much more justice. The fig itself looks awesome though!
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    thanks for all of the kind words on the eldar, and advise on the base. I think ill leave this mini as it is and move on to the next ones and try to make their bases more interesting, I have already started on my next project after the little gretchin and have taken your comments onboard with the base. I'm hoping to make it a little more interesting with some tufts of grass to add a little colour (after paint) and spend abit more time than usual with the painting of the base.

    its a 54mm 'sumothay prior warrior' from Enigma, I picked him up to do something non-GW and in a different scale for a change, and I must say the amount of detail is very nice (if a little daunting!) still needs cleaning up of flash and mould lines, and of course he needs a head and hands :P, just wanted to see if you think the base is decent

    I also made some progress on the gretchin after addin a bit more detail to the skin and lightening it, as when the pants and jacket were painted he lacked alot of contrast, I still intend to highlight the pants a little more. With regards to the photo I'm having a hard time getting the skin to photograph well, It's quite pale in reality, may have to try some shots in natural light to see if it helps

    As always thanks for reading, I would love to know what you guys think and what could be improved.


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    I have not been painting anywhere near as much as I would like, which is evident fom my last update almost 1 year ago :O . but I recently finished off a mini and thought I should upload it and see what you all think so here he is :

    would love to know what you think is good/bad or could be improved



    edit - sigh just noticed the chip on the bottom of the cape when uploading to my gallery
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