hi all
I have been looking at gw s modular board s for sale and tho they are nice and very handy most tables will start to look the same. There is about 10 in the group that play FB and every 6 months or so we get together for a epic battle 100k points .So with this in mind i have started making my own table. As we normaly just put our own boars together, but with this tho still cool there is often a big dif in the battle terrian .
What i m looking for is some tips or tricks to building it, i have been making terrian for years but there is always some thing new to learn.
here s whati have been doing so far.
I have cut 16 2ftx2ft boards, I have got styrofoam for raised areas i.e cliffs etc, i went and bought the battle mat from the GW web site as i have found with big projects like this there is a lot of flocking involed. Not a lot done yet with the board just been sanding the board bases and sanding the styrofoam .
I have it worked out that all the boards are inter changable so i can have a sea rea at the end with the coast going up the side or change it around so i can have u huge lake in the middle, or a river, deppends on the lay out.

Any thoughts or ideas goood oor bad would be great.be gentail on the pics comments as it will be my first time posting pics
as i go along i ll take some pics and post, on that pleas