PC for UNIQUE High Elf Army NiB from 1993-94
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Thread: PC for UNIQUE High Elf Army NiB from 1993-94

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    Default PC for UNIQUE High Elf Army NiB from 1993-94

    Hello, I must sell this Army. I think this is very rare stuff and awesome for collector - 4th edition. I just want to know estimated price of it. All figures all still in boxes. Only 4-5 of them opened but in new condition. It is whole 2000+ army. In original big cardoard box. Inside is: - Tyrion High Elf Prince; - High elf Hero on Pegasus; must find - Pegasus is painted white. - Tiranoc Battle Chariot; - Reapeter Bolt thrower and crew; - Silver Helms Regiment; - Dragon Prince of Caledor Regiment; - Phoenix Guard Regiment; - Swordmasters of Hoeth Regiment; - Spearmen Regiment and Archers Regiment - one box only; That's all. I will be very grateful if you can help me sell it for reasonable price. Regards.
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    good luck. If I weren't already painting a massive high elf army I'd be sorely tempted. I'd like to see what you get though, just out of curiosity.

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    Good luck. I used to have a nicely sized army of roughly that era.

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    Shame there's no Maiden Guard they are worth a freaking mint to most collectors

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