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Thread: Mathieu Fontaine Masterclass I & II - Sacramento, California August 2011

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    I am coming to both, let me know the final cost via email.


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    I will be attending master class 2

    Brice Cocanour

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    Default sign me up!

    i will be attending the masterclass 1 on august 6 & 7. let me know the cost and looking forward to it!

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    I would like to tentatively sign up for Masterclass 1. I can give confirmation once a final price is confirmed.
    Will any techniques using an airbrush be demonstrated for Masterclass 1?

    Regardless of whether I attend or not, thank-you for running another one of these classes. If it is anything like tank weathering class you ran in San Jose it should be great!


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    @firemanard: Gotcha. Thanks!

    @Naravus: The description for Mathieu's Masterclass 1 is on the first page -- and it's much different from my vehicle weathering classes. This one will be all brush work and blending. If you're looking for another weathering class I will be teaching one at Great Escape Games on 4-June though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by COG View Post
    Pez possibly coming up? i was hoping to finally meet yah when i go to kubla later this month. didnt get a chance last year(or maybe i did meet a bunch of people)
    COG, I'm sorry to say I won't be at Kubla this year. Just too much going on in the next month to justify the cost.
    However, I will attend at least the first of the two sessions.
    WARNING: Painting all of your miniatures may lead to death.

    "There comes a day in every man's life when he has to get off the couch... and kill some zombies."

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    I have added one to Masterclass 1 from an email signup. Right now that puts us at:

    12 - Masterclass 1

    8 - Masterclass 2

    I will be taking money the first week in July based on the numbers we have at that point.

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    16/20 now signed up for the Masterclass 1 event

    This is going to fill up quickly so reserve your space while there's still time!

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    I'd like the sign up for Masterclass 1.

    Chinh Tran

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    Tranc added

    17/20 for the Masterclass 1

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    Please add

    Jing Li

    to the Masterclass 1 list as well.


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    Got it.

    Right now there's only room for *ONE* additional student in the Masterclass 1.

    I will start collecting payments for the event soon and will keep track of standby signups in case someone is unable to pay for the class.

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    20/20 reached for Masterclass 1 -- I will keep a list of reserve students in case an opening comes up.

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    Please sign me up for the lvl 1 class.

    Gary (GEG)

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    Would like more info about Chicago, Thanks

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    NOTICE: I am now collecting for the classes at $80 per weekend. Please email misterjustin at Secret Weapon Miniatures -- com to ensure your place is held. Payments not received by 30-June will result in a vacated spot.

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    Updated paid participants

    misterjustin (both)
    Cocanour (2)
    Jonathan S (1)

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    This is a payment reminder.

    Your place will only be held if you pay by 30-June at which point the space will be put up on a first come, first served basis.

    My thanks to everyone that has already paid.

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