GREENS (original sculpts) FOR SALE !
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Thread: GREENS (original sculpts) FOR SALE !

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    Default GREENS (original sculpts) FOR SALE !

    I'm selling these beautiful miniatures, for collectors, original greens!

    chaos dwarf 100€

    Sci-FI dwarf 100€

    Scibor's original dwarf 80€

    vampire by nicolas genovese 40€:

    witch by nicolas genovese 40€:

    Contact me if you're interested!


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    are these still for sale and do you get the rights to them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Baggott View Post
    are these still for sale and do you get the rights to them?
    Hello! They're all available!
    Scibor's dwarf has no copyright... it cannot be produced!
    Indeed wen i've buied the other sculpts on ebay, in the insertion it was written that copyrights were included, but i've no papers about it!

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