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    We all know that red wunz go fasta. But that is indeed an awesome look for a squig. The toad-like scheme suits 'm so well.
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    I'm sorry Mr mighty chad. For all your woes. I am very happy to see you back with. You see loyal animals , human beings included, sometimes get themselves off the path of home with the randomness of life. BUT the loyalty that all animals possess is that they always return home in this case miniature painting. I know things will get better, every low in life is complimented by highs twice as great. So hang in there , keep the brushes clean and moist and I'll be checking in always as a cyber friend and do my duties to hopefully help keep you with us for a good proper long time...welcome back MC.

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    Good to see you back Mighty Chad painting is always therapeutic I find so more of the same. That squig is lovely work I particularly like the spotting effect on the skin.
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    Great looking nurgle champion and that squig is just fantastic! love everything about it

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    I really like the muted colours of the squid. It makes the face more dramatic. What colours are you using please?

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    I too love the squigs color choice and the way you’ve blended them together. Btw I really hope to meet you one day so many demon awards I always loved your work and drooled over each and every one of your painted models. The banner work was always in a class by itself . And the last piece I remover from you was that forgeworld Horne demon and it’s banner. Like I said in a class by itself. Decades later from when I started and now having a decent but firm grasp on painting minis I realize how much intricate work went into such inspiring projects. Each worthy of the wins you’ve amassed. Well done chad!!!

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