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    Painted in about 7 1/2 hrs for a "paint for profit" challenge over on WAMP. I started with a budget of 10$ to buy a mini, sell it, and work it up as high as I can before I take off to Oktoberfest in Munich this year. Fire away any crit's please!

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    sculpt looks a bit rough but he looks good. how big is he?

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    Small, goblin sized. Maybe 25mm tall? Sculpt was REALLY rough. I just couldn't be too bothered to spend a couple extra hours smoothing it out. I've been looking through my mini bin for figs I didn't spend a lot of money on... MAN there is truth to the wisdom you get what you pay for. The metal casting on some is really rough. The resin stuff is really rough too. I don't find that amongst the more typically priced mini's out there.

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    Love the patina on that little gear.

    Really like the face, although I think the teeth could pop more.

    I'll give you 4 dollars for it. (american, not those high priced Canadian bills!)

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    4$ eh.... lousy American it only translates into around a super big gulp by the time it gets converted into the mighty loonie! Still... you do tempt me with your soothing tones sir.

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