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Thread: Does anyone know of a US supplier for this paint rack?

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    excellent, simple to do isn't it

    yes I'm still about Vikey, just not as often
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    hopefully here's a decent pic of my original rack

    If you can afford it get the pipe that "welds" together with the appropriate plumbing adhesive, I've found with hot glue they tend to come unstuck after several months
    I did an experiment with a smaller version, I filled the gaps around the pipes with that expanding foam, then sanded it all flat once it had gone off, then I filled all the little air hole in the foam with a 2 part Auto body filler ( it only takes 5-10 mins to go off) then sanded that nice and smooth and painted it all
    thought I had a pic of that but I don't but it's not that hard to imagine

    the angle of the cut is about 30 degrees or so, I also made a jig for my chop saw to cut the pipe quickly

    the black piece of mdf to the left of the pipe swivels round to clamp the pipe when cutting, 'cause I aint putting my fingers that close to a spinning blade
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsreach View Post
    I thought that was your motto for miniatures?

    Or are you using that as a "one size fit all" now?
    Looking at the size of my bass collection, it's one size fits all
    Supervike: "There's no purpose to this, besides something to do..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickc22 View Post
    yes I'm still about Vikey, just not as often
    That's our loss, for sure.

    Hope to see more of ya!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mckeansa View Post
    Thats great, definitely give us a review when it arrives!
    Sooo... got the rack yesterday. It did not come with any instructions and the link on the website didn't have any pics (they were all broken links), I sent off a quick email, but because I am the impatient type I tried to put it together anyway. A job that would have taken 40 min with instructions turned into a 2 hour ordeal, but I got it together!!! (stubborness has its perks I guess)

    There was a response with instructions in a PDF in my inbox this AM. about a 6 hour turnaround.

    Pros- works as advertised, great for reaper/ vallejo dropper bottles. 6 Days shipping from Europe. Good turn around time for email questions.

    Cons- pieces must be glued together, not the end of the world but wasn't expecting it. No instructions with package (did get an apology for that). No space for other types of paint bottles (citadel "pots" or Mig weathering stuff), price- $70 will buy a few nice minis.


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    Thanks Brian, really appreciate you updating us. Any chance of pictures?the website pics just aren't up to snuff.

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