Masterclass Weathering Workshop - Sacramento, CA - 4 June
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Thread: Masterclass Weathering Workshop - Sacramento, CA - 4 June

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    Default Masterclass Weathering Workshop - Sacramento, CA - 4 June

    On 4-June I will be doing one of my one day "Masterclass Vehicle Weathering" workshops at Great Escape Games in Sacramento, CA from 11 AM - 5 PM.

    This one day workshop will cover the so-called "masterclass" vehicle weathering techniques including:

    Weathering pigments
    Oil paints
    Watercolor Pencils
    Hairspray effects
    Salt chipping
    Putty masking
    Color Modulation
    Quick detailing
    Super detailing
    ... and much, MUCH more!

    Geoff of the Independent Characters podcast said "This was seriously the best hobby seminar I’ve ever had the fortune of participating in."

    If you haven't read it already you'll find his take on the workshop up on the IC blog:

    The cost for this workshop is only $10 but class size is limited to 20 people. You can sign up on by contacting Sirus at Great Escape Games at (916) 927-0810.

    The workshop is mostly demonstration but you are encouraged to bring a model and try the materials on-hand during question and answer sessions.

    You might not think there's enough material for 6 hours of workshop (with a lunch break) but I have enough material to fill at least two full days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misterjustin
    The cost for this workshop is only $10...


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    I think so too - but I'm willing to admit that I might be a bit biased

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    $10? Cool, I'd well go, apart from I'd have to get a Trans-Atlantic flight to the US which might push my costs up a lot
    "All in the game yo, all in the game."

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    This is happening tomorrow. This is a bump

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