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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsreach View Post
    One that lets me find the Damn bottle I've just used would be helpful.
    I'll have to figure out a way to incorporate a "last used" feature.

    Either this weekend or next I'm going to make a horizontal type prototype. I'll post pics when I'm done.


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    Default Space Saving Paint Rack/shelves.

    The Rack Looks great but Les has found something better for those with over 200+ paints.

    These are acrylic shelving units that can be made custom to your paint pot preference.

    more info found at

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    For the hard of wallet, or people like me who just like to tinker, I knocked this up this weekend out of an old cutlery drawer insert, plastic piping of two diferent diameters and hot glue. It holds 52 dropper bottles and 48 larger pots. Cost me about ten quid.

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    Sweet! I like homemade solutions...

    Commercial product: £££
    Homemade version: ££
    Personal satisfaction: priceless


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    Here's a close up of my pipe cutting jig, showing the dimensions I use

    Vallejo bottles will sit in this jig too, you could add 5mm to the length if you aren't gonna be putting any GW pots in them

    In case you didn't see the other thread here's the jig with the pipe in place

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    And here's a close up of my pipe cutting jig

    Supervike: "There's no purpose to this, besides something to do..."

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    and it does the job
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