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    Default Necromunda Farseer WTB!

    I asked awhile ago, and got one of these:

    I got one from Undave, and Zora said they might have one.

    I finished mine, and played one game at the LGS, but it never made it back into my figure case, and no one has seen it (or is admitting to swiping it anyway)

    So I am looking for another.

    This being my favorite Farseer figure, I would be willing to discuss anything you have.
    I will trade anything else I have for this figure.

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    Proud owner of a Cassar!

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    I was looking more to line a fellow CMON'ers pockets first, or possibly trade, especially considering the overpriced shipping for only being a few states away.

    Also, I am willing to trade a NEW style farseer for this one.

    Thanks for posting the ebay link, though I had already and have been keeping an eye on ebay.
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    No problem. All I have sitting around is an Eldred Also-ran.

    I'd check with Elly - he's got a lot of old Eldar sitting around.
    Proud owner of a Cassar!

    You are ranked 1351 out of 9441 artists.

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    Still nothing?

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    Hi, I am also looking for one of these so if you do come across them and there is more than one it would be awesome if you could let me know.

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    there's a guy selling 2 of them and an Eldrad fig together for $50 plus $10 shipping on ebay. More than I can justify at the moment, especially with owing cassar for his sculpt.

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    Yeah, I don't need Eldrad or an extra either. Do you think there is any hope of running into this guy still in a blister?

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    I haven't seen it in a blister...ever.
    But the last time I got one, it was damn close to blister new!
    I wish my LGS didn't have a few bad seeds.
    I really like this sculpt.

    Would you consider going halves?
    I can put in a best offer of $30 and if he takes it, you can send me $20 ($30 + $10 = $40 / 2 =$20)
    I'll even strip them for you?

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    Yeah I can do that. Do you have a spare 40k slot base? I will give a you a dollar extra for it if so, I don't want to buy a whole bag just for this guy. And it would be awesome if you could strip it, I have no experience doing that. Let me know if he takes the offer.

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    I have a plethora of bases, no worries.

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    I offered $30 and even $35...didn't accept.

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