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    Wink Forge World Plague Ogre #1

    New picture, couldn't cope with white background and overexposure.

    Vote here:

    Thank you
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    um, white background hurt my eyes a bit. but nice skinjob here!
    id get rid of the yellow detail though, it doesnt fit that good imo

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    Agreed, the yellow doesn't tie into the rest of the model very well. If you weathered it sufficiently and sucked the color out of it, then it could be made to work.

    The rest looks really cool though. I'd love to see this guy on a nice dark backdrop, more befitting a Plague Ogre
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    A way to much blood on his blade, but great job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonDemon View Post
    A way to much blood on his blade, but great job!
    i think that's a bit of blood and a lot of rust

    i like him but he's a fugly mini

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    Yeah rust is partially on the blade. I love blood on minis, slaughterhouse

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