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    Default Small project - Chapter of the Blessed Knights

    Aloha all,

    there are my the first Space Marines from Chapter of the Blessed Knights. I've complet a few Marines only and fluff is still in progress.

    I hope you like this scheme.
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    Default Small project - Chapter of the Blessed Knights

    There is Revenger (still in old scheme)
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    Default Small project - Chapter of the Blessed Knights

    Apothecary Brother Jekyll and Marshal Malinovsky - W.I.P.
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    Default Small project - Chapter of the Blessed Knights

    The first Squires from 20
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    Looks awesome so far!

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    looks great keep up the solid work

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    Digging the Revenger's pose. Looks like he's looking for his next victim (I mean heretic).
    Maybe a little less splatter on Brother Jekyll. He's a doctor! Not a mass murder!
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    looking great indeed, I love the bloody apothecary.
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    Looking good. I like the red cloak shading. Btw what is a small project? This seems to be a reasonable size, quite a few mini's?
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    nice one! excellent skills old chap the chequers are particularly eye catching

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    aloha all,

    so after few years some news from my chapter :-) there are pictures from my the first 3D model "Light Jetbike Honorius". Other jetbikes "Vicarius" and "Valliantus" are coming.

    Original will be from resin.

    Hope u like it.

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